About the Journal

The Physician will accept submissions from across the healthcare spectrum but is particularly interested in issues that impact on the health of migrants, international medical/ nursing graduates, diaspora studies, differential outcomes in patients and professionals based on ethnicity or other protected characteristics. The editorial board welcomes submissions from new or emerging researchers and early career clinicians. 
Open Access
  • All online content from pre-print to final versions and reviewer comments will always remain open access to readers globally.
  • The journal does not require readers to register or log in for downloading articles. Anyone is free to read, download, redistribute, link to, and use articles for any lawful purposes, with due citation.
  • All article copyrights belong to the authors and are protected by Creative Commons Licence (CC-BY-ND-4.0)
  • Each print/ PDF full issue has a current circulation of >10,000 among health professions in the UK and is also available globally to download for free and purchase at a cost price from the website. 
Indexing & Frequency
The Physician has been published since 2012 in print, previously in time with BAPIO national conferences, including conference abstracts. Since Jan'20, it is published online and regular print editions will be published quarterly in 2020-21 and bi-monthly from 2021.
It is a member of Crossref and all published articles are registered with DOI and cited in Google Scholar and ScienceOpen. It will be submitted for indexing in PUBMED in 2022, once accepted all archived content will be available there retrospectively. 
Peer Review Policy
The Physician has moved from a traditional blind to an open, post-publication peer-review process from 2020.  Once accepted for submission by the Editor(s), all manuscripts are published in the 'pre-print' format online. The peer-review process continues and all peer reviewer recommendations plus the revisions/author rebuttals are published online. A minimum of 2 peer reviews is required for final acceptance. 
Where authors or co-authors may be part of the Editorial Board of the journal, The Physician follows a clear process of assigning the manuscript to an editor who is not connected with the article and seeking 2 external reviewers. The peer reviews are open and published alongside the article. 
  • The Physician does not own any copyright or commercial interests in any of the articles it publishes, and authors retain these rights and interests.
  • The authors are free to publish any part of the articles in pre-print web collections or host on their personal collections with appropriate citation to The Physician.
  • All article copyrights belong to the authors and are protected by Creative Commons Licence (CC-BY-ND-4.0)
Code of Publication Ethics
The Physician abides by the Core practices as per the Committee for Publication ethics. These can be found in the linked resources given below. 
All published manuscripts are archived in OJS, BPL Cloud drive and will be permanently archived in CLOCKSS shortly.
Zero Article Processing Charges
  • The journal does not apply any charges of any kind to authors at present. 
  • In 2020-2021, the journal offers to fully subsidise article processing charges for all submissions. 
  • The journal is currently in negotiation with international scientific repositories for hosting its collection and once this is established, published articles will be available globally with due prominence and encourage collaboration with scientific communities worldwide.
  • In subsequent years, article processing charges will continue to be reasonable as BAPIO is a not-for-profit, organisation and fully subsidised for BAPIO members and associates. 
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