Guidelines for Safe Routine Dental Practice During the COVID-19 Pandemic


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Sivaramakrishnan, G., Al Sulaiti, F. ., & Al sobaiei, M. . (2021). Guidelines for Safe Routine Dental Practice During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Perspectives from the Dental Training Department, Ministry of Health, Bahrain. The Physician, 7(1), 1-14.


The Dental Postgraduate Training Department at the Ministry of Health, Bahrain, is committed to raising the standards of care provided to our patients through postgraduate education, and the provision of evidence-based guidelines for dental professionals. We are delighted, and we believe that this important set of guidelines will prepare the dental professionals to resume and continue their routine dental procedures in primary care dental clinics during the pandemic. The purpose of developing these guidelines is to ensure the provision of best practices in a safe environment for the dental health care professionals and the patient.


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