Morbidity and Occupational Hazards among Prawn Peelers


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Aravind Shetty, A. R., Surendran, A., S, J., Vincent, J., AC, A., A, A. K., & Prasad, L. (2023). Morbidity and Occupational Hazards among Prawn Peelers : Survey from Kerala, India. The Physician, 8(3), 1-6.


Prawn pre-processing, locally called prawn peeling is a labour-intensive activity. More than 90 per cent of the workforce in prawn pre-processing centres are women 1. Occupational health problems among prawn-peeling workers are a matter of serious concern. The workers lack awareness and knowledge of occupational health hazards and safety. In the peeling sheds, they are exposed to cold environments, chlorinated water, and fish protein-related bio-agents.

In most of the peeling sheds, women work in a sitting or squatting position, bending forward while peeling. The floor of the peeling sheds is waterlogged, and the women must spend long hours on the wet floor which is the root cause of many of their ailments. Joint pain, low back pain, numbness of hands and legs, and various forms of allergies are health problems attributed to the work environment and work posture.


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