Reducing Risks in Healthcare by Prioritising Workforce Well-being


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Dodds, S., Grover, J., Mahmood, A., & Chakravorty, T. A. (2023). Reducing Risks in Healthcare by Prioritising Workforce Well-being . The Physician, 8(2), 1-7.


Considering risks to healthcare covers a wide variety of topics. This cover’s an extensive area such as sustainability, including funding; planning, long-term policy development; and trends, including the emergence of publicly funded versus private healthcare or a hybrid offering. Other topics include workforce planning, involving the consideration of self-sufficiency versus importing; examination of delivery modes of hospitals versus community; and final consideration of balancing affordability with expectation and need. As part of a consideration of risk is an anticipation of what dangers may arise. This can be borne out of existing knowledge of known threats, which remain ongoing, trends and predicted risk patterns, and unexpected risks.


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